PTA STRUCTURE [Local, District, State & National]

Unit - Schools Site

>> Operates as a self-governing body 

>> Plans programs and activities to meet community needs 

>> Works at the school site, at home and in the community for all children and youth 

>> Represented on the council board by the unit president or 

  other designated representatives 

>> Required to observe policies of the State and National PTA 

Glendale PTA Council

>> Includes all units within the City of Glendale

>> Serves as a conference body 

>> Provides workshops, leadership training and programs 

>> Assists in the organization of new units 

>> Provides counseling for local units 

>> Coordinates programs and projects of member units 

>> Represented on the First District Executive Board by Council President and/or other

   designated representatives 

First District PTA

First District PTA was the “first” PTA district established by the California State PTA in 1912. The PTA district is a large geographic area stretching across the foothill regions of the greater San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. First District provides support, leadership, and communication services to 270 plus school PTAs and 22 local councils which collectively represent a membership of greater than 80,000 parents, teachers, students and community leaders “…serving children from Burbank to Pomona”.

First District is comprised of a diverse and inclusive demographic with families from varied ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Our parents and PTA leaders are also diverse in language, skill, profession, training andtalent.  Each lends their time and expertise to empower others to advocate for the education, health, safety, and welfare of all children.

>> Includes all PTA members in good standing with the District 

>> Promotes work of State and National PTA 

>> Responsible for the formation of new units and councils 

>> Unifies and strengthens units and councils 

>> Channels information between the State PTA and units and councils 

>> Provides conferences, workshops, programs and leadership training 

>> Provides publications 

>> Represented on the State Board of Managers by the District President 

California State PTA

>> A branch of the National PTA; serves as a liaison with National PTA 

>> Includes all PTA members in good standing within the State PTA 

>> Cooperates with other groups and organizations working for youth 

>> Maintains legislative advocates; supports and works for legislation on statewide issues

  that affect the education, health and well-being of children and youth 

>> Holds annual convention 

>> Interprets and implements policies, programs and projects 

>> Provides services, materials and publications 

>> Represented on the National PTA Board by the State President

National PTA

>> Includes all who join local PTAs Advocates nationally and internationally 
for children and youth 

>> Develops and funds projects which are national in scope 

>> Maintains legislative advocates at the federal level 

>> Provides field services and leadership training 

>> Provides publications