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  • Remember, PTA speaks on issues that impact children and families and is nonpartisan. PTAs never endorse or promote candidates not even in nonpartisan elected offices.

  • PTAs may promote general voting information for example: election dates, absentee ballot process, voter registration. November 6th is the General Election. Voter Guides are available on the Secretary of State website.

  • PTA must follow process to take positions on local issues such as parcel taxes and bonds. Contact and the CAPTA online toolkit ( for help.

Other Advocacy News:

  • Save the Date! California State PTA Legislation Conference is January 14-16, 2019! Please be aware of the dates, budget for attendance and watch for info to be shared as soon as state makes it available.
  • Ed100 is a free, online resource with short, plainly worded lessons that explain how California’s systems really work. Ask your PTA board members to join you by signing up for It’s free and available in English and Spanish. To sign up for Ed100 on a mobile device choose “Join | Login”. On a computer click the orange “Start Learning” button.

PTA's primary mission is to advocate on behalf of our children. The California State PTA website has great information to help you and your unit focus on what's truly important to the PTA mission.  

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Each year, PTA leaders throughout the state of California gather in Sacramento to meet with key State Assembly and Senate elected officials to discuss issues important to PTA.


Family engagement is a key predictor of student success. That’s why California State PTA is sponsoring Assembly Bill 2878 by Assemblymember Rocky Chávez (San Diego).

Research shows authentic family engagement leads to reduced absenteeism, decreased dropout rates, increased student achievement and increased graduation rates which lead to young adults who are college and career ready.

This bill demonstrates a commitment to connecting families, schools and communities and to improving student outcomes. AB 2878 seeks to use research-based guidelines to define what authentic family engagement could look like in the Education Code to help guide schools. The suggested activities have been developed using research-based family engagement practices and standards, including, but not limited to, the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. It could also include:

  • Outreach in multiple languages

  • Outreach to parents and families that are underrepresented in the school, school district or county office of education

  • Outreach strategies that are diverse and innovative.

Adding Family Engagement to LCFF Priority #3 would better reflect the true engagement local education agencies could implement, based on their local needs. It’s time to engage all parents and families for the success of our students, our schools and our state.

Learn more:

Be on the lookout for upcoming information so you can help keep family engagement moving forward, and be sure to share your family-engagement success stories with us so we can spread the word in the Capitol and in our communities and across California! Thank you for all that you do for our kids – it makes a difference.