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Association Meeting

Welcome PTA Leaders!

Upload to PTAEZ:

  • Budget

  • Year-End Audit Report once approved by

    Exec Board & Association with checklist &


  • Annual Financial Report

    (These are done by outgoing treasurer: file the following & upload once audit is completed)

  • Federal Tax Return (Form 990/990EZ & Schedule A, or 990N)

  • State Tax Return (Form 199 or 199N)

  • RRF-1 Form (Charitable Trust Registration

    Renewal Form)

  • SI-100 Form Statement of Information

    Domestic Non-profit – only for units who are incorporated (Bi-annually to Secretary of State)

    Pay for: (Attach Council Remittance Form)

  • Council Operating Contribution $150

  • Liability Insurance Premium Cost TBD

  • Membership Envelopes $15/box

  • Administrators’ Luncheon $20/person