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Time Sensitive Message from First District, VP Legislation...


SB328 Portantino, the California bill for healthy school start times, is on Governor Brown’s desk! He now has until Sept. 30 to sign or veto. Please help us during this last, critical stage by 

sending a quick email expressing your support, 

making a post on FaceBook and 

tweeting and retweeting on Twitter!

EMAIL suggested language – at a minimum ask for his signature on SB328!

Dear Governor Brown:

I’m writing to urge you to sign SB328, to provide California’s adolescents with healthy school start times – it’s what’s recommended by the CDC, the California PTA and the entire public health community. This is a statewide public-health issue and needs a statewide solution. Later school start times improve the health, safety and academic success of students and that's a FACT.

Without this bill, students will continue to have to attend school at times linked to lower academic performance, decreased attendance and graduation rates, and increased suicidal thoughts.

The science is clear. To do nothing is to do harm.



There are two steps for sending:

Click here: In the section PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT, scroll way, way down towards the bottom and select SB00328, then type in your message (or copy and paste the above message).

Email to the following four addressees (this includes two chiefs of staff, plus the staff members overseeing health and education, respectively):

On August 28, 2018, SB 933 (Allen) "Arts for Every Student Act" passed the Senate Floor on concurrence with Assembly amendments 39-0. The bill is now awaiting Governor Brown's signature!

Please take a few minutes to ask Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB 933, the "Arts for Every Student Act," which would help ensure more students in California receive arts education as part of a complete high quality education.

Your Voice Matters
We have created a customizable letter for you sign and send to Governor Jerry Brown. Join this critical effort by forwarding the message as is, or make your own statement in support of the bill. When you've finished, simply fill out the user information below the letter and your message will be sent directly to Governor Brown. Please send your letter TODAY!

Every Student Deserves the Benefits of an Arts Education 
California Education Code states that every K-12 student shall receive instruction in and access to arts education. Yet the California Arts Education Data Project concludes that only 39% of students in California public schools have access to the arts. This inequity is unacceptable. SB 933 honors the promise of our Education Code by helping to ensure that the arts are part of the education that every student receives. Learn more about SB 933 here.

Thank you for showing your support for the arts as part of a complete high quality education for all California students.
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